High Quality Solo-Ads in Personal Development & Health!
Highly Targeted Solo-Ads Traffic Help Build Your List and Commissions from Warm Traffics
  •  100% Human Traffic: We guarantee you'll receive 100% human traffic, no bots!  
  •  100% Self-Help and Health Friendly: Our traffic work best with Personal Development, Spirituality, Health and Fitness Offers.
  •  100% Top Tier: Our leads are strictly high quality and that we mean our leads mostly consist of visitor from US, UK, CA, NZ and AU
Who's Behind High Quality Solo-Ads in Personal Development and Health?
John Cho
Owner of High Quality Solo Ads in Personal Development and Health
John is the founder of this Personal Development Solo-Ads Platform and has been heavily involved in the Personal Development traffic market for more than 5 years. John owns several platforms in the Personal Development niche where vendors and affiliates meet to create win/win partnerships. He aims to provide a single platform where all owners, affiliates and marketers can create success in business, bring value to customers and change lives.
Gin Ng
Renowned Affiliate Marketer
Gin has bought over 100k USD worth of solo ads in the personal development space over the course of 3 years therefore he knew how to get the best results for investing in PD solo ads, he's also worked with many top vendor in the PD space like Dr Steve G Jones, Inspire3, 15 Minutes Manifestation and more by providing top tier traffics. he's now partnering with John to serve this community so that people in the industry is able to transact safely and get better results for themselves.
What Are Solo Ads?
Solo-ads are email ads, solo advertisement help you (buyer) get your marketing message across seller's huge email database who's warm and ready to receive marketing messages.
Why Solo Ads is Better?
Unlike Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, those leads you got are quite cold because they do not have "know, like and trust" factor which is essential to form a buying behavior. Solo ads leads are warm and highly targeted because they come from another person's email list which "know, like and trust" already build up by vendors. This is very important if you want to generate sales!
Which Offers Convert Best?
My list responds great mostly to Law Of Attraction, Success/Wealth/Abundance offers and secondly to Health/Wellness and Fitness offers.
How Can I Get Started?
Here are a list of sellers whom we personally worked with to get results. Have a look at their profile and click on their link to get started with your 1st solo ad run with us =)
Solo Ads Rolodex:
SelfGrowth.com has been running Email Blast promotions since 2002 for nearly every big and small name in the personal development industry. 
- SelfGrowth.com
Hi, Teri (aka Lacy Leathers) here. Our team has been in the personal development niche for over 10 years. We have a responsive list in the Personal Development niche with great subscribers. Our list responds well to meditations, law of attraction, and affirmations. They also respond for additional self-improvement offers including addictions and more and they Love audios. We take great care of our list and have developed a great connection with the people there, because they as well as our customers are important. I will be happy to review your offers and work with you to try and boost conversions. As well, you can count on me for great communication and making sure that your needs are met. Please message me anytime. Our number one goal is 100% customer satisfaction.
- Teri (aka Lacy Leather)
"Carolyn Hansen’s Solo Ads
Schedule your mail out now to get your message seen by thousands. 
Limited spots available on a first-come first-serve basis.
Rent my list for a guaranteed highly targeted leads. I am a genuine personal development/health influencer with tons of fresh subscribers pouring in from my 40+ websites and other paid traffic sources.
I mail infrequently so my list is not worn out from being hammered with offers daily.
PM me for prices and any questions. Discounts offered for testimonials or the referral of others.
For further information see this web page:- https://carolynhansenfitness.com/fitness/soloads"
- Carolyn Hansen
I own several lists and about 150k unique subscribers in Personal Development & Spirituality niche. I have been a product vendor as well as an affiliate since 2015. Our audience responds well to LOA/Success/Wealth/Health/Spirituality/Alternative Beliefs offers. I will be happy to help you grow your list.
- Ippokratis Boboras
Responsive lists across all personal development genres. Constantly generating fresh leads. List includes buyers. List includes high percentage T1. We can usually accomodate your solo request within days. 
- Geoff Wilkins
Hello guys, This is Zack. I have well-responsive list in Personal Development niche. I can drive highly targeted traffic in niches such as Self-Help, Spirituality & Beliefs and as well as Manifestation. In addition, my list response well to Health & Wellness and Natural Remedies In Health. This list of mine are grew in daily basis and I clean my list monthly. 400-500 fresh subs are added daily & I can DELIVER high quality and fresh traffic every time without fail, and do my best to over deliver to exceed your expectation. Please do message me if you have any enquires before buying from me, I will be glad to help you out in any way I can :) 
- Zack Ng
"I'm one of the longest solo ad providers in the industry and I've a lot of experience in funnel hacking and optimization have personally delivered more than 2 million unique clicks to over a thousand different gifts. 

My list responds well to offers such as angels, numerology, astrology, wealth attraction, healing, audio affirmations, hypnotherapy, spirituality and virtually any personal development offers."
- Khai S. Ng
"I have been selling solos, to both Individuals and Corporate for over 3 years. And I establish friendship with my solo ads buyers, so take the chance to ask me ANYTHING.

My list does well with success/manifestation/spiritual offers, and do especially well for health/wellness offers.

Prices stated are for minimum 1000 clicks. Discounts given for larger volume."
- Tay Yeng Hwee
Hi guys Gin here. I have a responsive list in Personal Develpopment niche. My list responds great mostly to LOA and Success/Wealth/Abundance offers and secondly to Health/Wellness and Fitness offers. I believe in customer satisfaction & will also work with you personally to increase your conversions for your email copy and squeeze page. Feel free to message me and I'll do my best to help you. =) 
- Gin Ng
Having quality leads is of utmost importance in all business, and especially in email marketing. I believe in having good relationship with my subscribers, which begins from the very first email they receive from us. My list converts well in these personal development niches: Law of Attraction, Positivity, Confidence, Goal-setting, Manifestation, Stress Management, Hypnosis, as well as health and wellness related niches. I grow my list on a daily basis, so you know that they are very responsive. I also provide advise on how to increase conversion rates through tweaking your email swipes and landing page. Do message me to enquire more, and we could work something out to your best advantage. 
- Weizhe Teo
"Hello amazing you! =) This is Shawn Josiah, Les Brown's #No 1 affiliate. You can count on me to drive highly targeted traffic with excellent opt-in rates for the following niches: Personal Development, Law Of Attraction, Wealth Creation, Abundance, Hypnosis, Manifestation, Dating & Relationship and Health & Weight Loss. My list is strong and growing daily. I can GUARANTEE high quality and fresh traffic every time without fail. I groom my leads from the time they subscribed with highly personalized email contents and blog posts, and subsequently converting them into valued buyers. I will do my best to deliver the optimum results you desire. I STRONGLY believe in a solid & authentic relationship with my partners and I'll work personally with you to maximize your conversions by tweaking your creatives and landing pages according to my list and expertise. Remember, you'll be getting the EXACT same valuable leads that helped me become Les Brown's top affiliate when we do our runs together! So be rest assured on the quality of subscribers you'll be getting. Any questions? Drop me a message and I'll be more than happy to help =) 

- Shawn Josiah
"Hi, I am Nicholas.
I have an active list in Personal Development niche. 
My list responds great to Spiritual, LOA, Success/Wealth/Abundance offers and secondly to Health/Wellness and Fitness offers. 
I am able to fulfill 500 clicks within 1~2 day and up to 5000 Clicks within a month plus.
Feel free to PM me with your gift page so that i can see if it's fit my list. Thank you." 
- Nicholas Chen
"Hey fellow friends, It's Lawrance here (: 

Holding a list in Personal Development Niche, my list responds well with LOA, Success/Spiritual/Wealth/Abundance offers. Customer satisfaction above all, I will always provide you with my personal feedback and work with you hand in hand to enhance your product. Don't be shy and feel free to message me & I'll do my utmost to provide you with the best service (: Cheers!"
- Lawrance
Hey Alex here! I have started my internet marketing journey since 2 years+ ago and I have been active in the personal development niche. I am passionate in what I do and I constantly keep my list updated/fresh. My list responds favorably to spiritual, personal development, self-help and abundance. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will receive my undivided attention to fine-tune your landing page and increase your conversion rate. As cliche as this might sound, I also believe in giving back to the community by helping others to succeed in this business. Do get in touch with me and I can't wait to assist you in this magnificent journey together. :)
- Alex Hui
Hello guys, we have a Super responsive list ( growing 8-10k per months) focusing on personal development niche. Our list are responded well to all personal development offers ranged from LOA, Manifestation, Success, GeneraL PD, health & wellness, diet & fitness, etc. I believe long term customer relationship is a key in success for any type of business. Thus, we would provide our services and commitment to personalised your email creative copy and any advise in order to enhance your conversion for your web page. Happy to talk to you anytime! Just PM us and we will do our best to help you! =)
- Kenny & Wen Li
"Hey there! This is Mango here :) I am an email marketer and also a physical product vendor on click bank. I have an active list in Personal Development. My list responses well with Spirituality, LOA, Success, Wealth and Abundance. 

Please feel free to get in touch with me and we can discuss further on how to get the best conversions for your gift and email swipes.

I strongly believes in good customer service and would do my best to advise you :)
- Mango Chia
Hi, Dave here. My list responds well with Personal Development offers especially in the spiritual field. I believe in customer satisfaction and will work with you to ensure good results. I'll always do my best to help you in your conversions rate and advise you base on my experience.  
- Dave Lim
I have a massive list in personal development,spirituality and numerology. These lists are grown from various sources of high quality traffic. I also have my own website www.67goldenrules.com where my fans are engaged and keep coming back. This is how I have a high quality list of fans who will resonate with my brand, and eventually yours! :) I believe in customer satisfaction and will also work with you personally to increase your conversions for your email copy and squeeze page. Feel free to message me and I'll do my best to help you. 
- Hubert Koh
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Frequently Asked Questions:
Do You Guarantee Anything?
Yes, we guarantee 100% real human clicking to your website. (no fake clicks and bots) 
How Fast Can I Start My Traffic If I Buy From Any Vendor Listed Above?
All traffic deal comes in 1st come 1st serve basis. We strongly recommend that you talk to the respective vendor you've decided to work with. Or alternatively you can talk to me Gin via messenger.
How Good is Your Traffic? Can I Buy From a Specific Country? 
We nurtured and groomed our leads and they're highly responsive towards self-help offers, we do provide 100% tier 1 traffic (United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom). You can request for country specific for your own benefit. Do contact Gin and we will do a special arrangement for you.
Are They Buyers Traffic?
Yes, our traffic includes buyers. This means we do full blast to our entire list when you make a purchase with us. We do not exclude buyer when we deliver traffic to your offer/website.
How Can I Track My Purchase? 
We highly recommend that you use your own tracker to track the number of clicks received at your end to ensure 100% safety and fair transaction for both party. If you do not have one, we can offer our tracker service for you FREE. So that you can track your clicks and opt-in in real time.
Who Can I Talk To If I Need More Information?
How Many Clicks Can I Buy?
The minimum clicks we would recommend is 500 clicks, anything lesser than that it's hard for you to decide and conclude if your offer converts. The highest click package we offer is up to 10,000 clicks. If you need more do contact Gin for special arrangement. 
What Payment Option Do You Have?
We deal our transaction primarily on Paypal. If you do not have one i highly recommend that you get one because Paypal offer buyers protection. Furthermore you can make credit card payment like Visa, Mastercard and American Express with any paypal transaction.
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